User Profile section

User Profile section

Click on the Profile picture icon at the top-right corner of the interface and the User Profile section of your Zillum account opens. It is a unified section from where you can manage your Zoho account, play with the theme, enable/disable notifications, and get information about the Zillum mobile applications. The User Profile section contains an array of options related to specific applications. For example, for Zoho Mail, the section displays Storage details, and mobile apps while for Zoho Writer it shows User Guide, Help pages, and others.

User Account Details

The first part of the User Profile sections contains your personal details such as your name, primary email address, and Zillum Member ID. Below these details, links to Control Panel and Subscription will be present. Clicking on Control Panel will take you to your Zillum Admin Console from where you can manage domains, groups, spam control, and many others. The Subscription option takes you to the Zoho Payments page from where you can view, change, and upgrade plans.

Below them will be the My Account and Sign Out options. Clicking on My Account takes you to the Zoho Accounts page from where you can manage your personal information, privacy and security options, groups, and others. Click on Sign Out to log out of your Zoho account. 

Change Profile Picture

You can change the display picture associated with your account in the Zoho Accounts page. 
  1. Login to Zillum.
  2. Click the Profile picture icon in the top-right corner.
  3. Hover over the picture and click Change.
  4. In the Accounts page, click on your avatar and click Upload New.
  5. Select an image from your device. 
  6. Control who can see your profile picture.
    1. Only registered Zoho users - All Zoho user can view your profile picture.
    2. Only contacts I chat with - Only the contacts who you chat with will be able to see your profile picture.
    3. Only users in my organization - Only your organization users can view your profile image.
    4. Everyone - Anyone can see your profile picture. For example, if you take part in a community post, any person who accesses the post can see your profile picture.
    5. Only myself- The image will be visible only to your. None of your colleagues, contacts, or other members can see your profile image.
  7. Click Done.


Enable/Disable Notification settings

In Zillum, notifications from Zoho Mail and Zoho Workdrive pop-up on the dashboard's Notification icon which is present before the display picture icon. You can see separate notifications for Zoho Mail and Zoho WorkDrive to track alerts individually. To enable notifications,
  1. Login to Zillum.
  2. Click on the Profile picture icon from the top-right corner.
  3. Under Notification Settings, use the toggle to switch ON notifications. You can also enable notifications for specific applications and disable others.

Change Themes

Make Zillum suit your style by choosing your desired theme. Below are the steps to change theme styles.
  1. Login to Zillum.
  2. Click on the Profile picture icon from the top-right corner.
  3. Go to Themes under Settings.
  4. Select your desired theme color. Zillum offers Dark and Light mode for each color.
The applied theme will reflect in all Zillum applications.

Change Language

Here are the steps to change the display language to your preferred one.
  1. Login to Zillum.
  2. Click on the Profile picture icon from the top-right corner.
  3. Go to Display Language under Settings.
  4. Choose your preferred language and refresh the page.
Some applications may not support certain languages. To know the languages supported by each application, click here.

Zilllum mobile apps

The final segment of the User Profile section lists the available Zillum mobile applications. The available apps comprise 
  1. Zoho Mail
  2. Zoho Mail Admin
  3. Inbox Insight
  4. Streams
  5. Writer
  6. Sheet
  7. Show
  8. WorkDrive
  9. Vault
Clicking on each icon takes you to a web page from where you can download the applications.

If you're in a specific application tab, the User Profile section will list only those mobile apps related to that particular application. For example, if you are in the Mail tab the section displays Zoho Mail, Zoho Mail Admin, Inbox Insight, and Streams as the available mobile apps. 

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