Security Controls in Zillum

Security Controls in Zillum

Zillum is a secure family space to interact, share and collaborate online. To ensure maximum safety and to make the digital space more secure for your family, here are some controls available with each of the Zillum applications. With these controls, the family head can manage the family member's account and devices as they explore online. The parent can manage the child's account and devices as they explore the technology using these controls to ensure their safety.

Secure communications with Zoho Mail 

  1. External domain - The Family head or Family admin can choose to restrict access to other family members to send and receive emails from certain external domains to prevent any misuse.
  2. Attachment restrictions - To avoid any explicit content being delivered to the family's mailbox, the family head / family admin can restrict certain attachment types or emails with certain text patterns that they consider harmful.
  3. Email review - The family admin/ family head can set up a spam configuration such that all emails addressed to the family member's email address are delivered to them only after review and approval by the family admin/ family head.
  4. Spam Filtering - To protect the family members from unwanted spam emails, the family admin / family head can set up highly secure spam processing conditions such that no spam emails reach the family's mailboxes.
  5. Maximum session count - To ensure that the member's account are not misused or logged into from multiple devices, the family admin / family head can choose to set a low threshold for session count such as 1 or 2.
  6. IP Restriction - Access to the member's accounts can be restricted such that accounts can be logged only from the specified IP ranges. For example, if the family admin / family head want the member to access their zillum account only from their home, they can specify the IP ranges.
  7. Restrict email import/ export - The family members can be restricted from importing EML/ZIP files into their Zillum accounts. Similarly, email export from the Zillum accounts can also be restricted by the Family admin/ family head.
  8. Restrict external account usage - The family members can be restricted from adding their external accounts (through POP/IMAP) in their Zillum accounts.The family admin / family head can also choose to restrict a member's Zillum account to be accessed from other external email clients such as Outlook, Gmail, etc.
  9. Email forwarding configuration - Permission to forward received emails to a different email account can be restricted by the family admin/ family head.

Streamlined interactions using Cliq

  1. Restrict external contact addition:The option to add external contacts (other than the family members) to Zoho Cliq and chat can be disabled for any family member account by the family admin/ family head.
  2. Role-based access restrictions:The permission to create channels/groups can be restricted only to certain members of the family and some accounts can be set up such that they only have the access to initiate conversations in the groups or direct messages they are a part of.

Safeguard your data using Zoho Workdrive

  1. External file sharing restrictions - The option for the family member to share files with external users can be restricted to prevent any sensitive information getting shared.
  2. Role based restrictions - Assign roles to your family members while adding them to a shared folder based on your need.The family members will have access restrictions based on the roles assigned to them.
  3. File sharing permissions - While sharing a file, you can limit the access to view or edit or comment or share the file based on your preference. This will help to reduce unauthorised changes to the files you share.

Reliable password management using Zoho Vault

  1. Control access to passwords based on roles - The family admin / family head can determine whether any family member needs access to specific passwords and allow or disallow them from viewing it based on the requirement.
  1. Every time the Family Head or any other members with the Adult role intend to perform an action on other accounts, they will have to enter an OTP sent to the other account to validate the action.
  2. Additionally, no 3rd party integrations will be available in any of the applications to ensure that children do not access anything other than what's available inside the Zillum apps.

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