Getting Started With Zillum

Getting Started With Zillum

Zillum app-suite is a secure digital space tailor-made for families with the purpose of aiding them in their day to day activities. From preparing a school presentation to planning an event, Zillum can provide you with the necessary assistance.
The Zillum dashboard offers a centralized panel from where you can access the entire suite of applications. It also lays out an overview of all the applications in the form of widgets. You can access each application individually from the top menu bar.

List of available applications for your family

The list of applications available on the dashboard is as follows.
  1. Zoho Mail - Fast and secure email service for sending and receiving emails, along with built-in features such as Streams, Calendar, and Notes, making family communication simple and enjoyable.
    1. Tasks - Add and track personal and family tasks to remain on top of work meetings, school assignments and family time.
    2. Calendar - Create and manage personal and app calendars to ensure you don't miss any important family events.
    3. Notes - A single place to note down your thoughts/ ideas and share them with your family when required.

  2. Zoho WorkDrive- A collaborative storage platform to securely share and access all your documents, spreadsheets and presentations at one place. You can also upload files (maximum size limit- 5GB per upload) from any local device and share them with your family.

  3. Zoho Writer - Create, edit and collaborate on your family documents online, review it together and chat within the document with the first-in-class word processor.

  4. Zoho Sheet - A next-gen spreadsheet software to create, share, and analyse your spreadsheets whether it's for family budgeting or habit tracking.

  5. Zoho Show - Create, edit, access, and deliver slides from anywhere. Work on your child's project or create a slideshow for your family occasions online with the help of Zoho Show.

  6. Zoho Vault - Say bye to all cyber threats and securely store, share, and manage your passwords and other sensitive information within your family.

  7. Zoho Doc Scanner - Digitize all your important documents starting from your child's school reports to your house agreement, and you can then e-sign, extract, translate, share, create workflows, and process your documents all with Zoho Doc Scanner.

An Overview of Zillum Homepage

The entire suite of Zillum applications can be managed right from your home page. Also, the home page dashboard provides some useful features that allow you to customize it to your preferences easily.
  1. You can view and access all the Zillum applications from the top menu bar of the home page dashboard. Also, each of these applications can be configured as widgets in the home page.

Application Widgets Customization

  1. You can rearrange the application icons by dragging and dropping them in the desired order. However, this shuffle will not reflect in the widgets area.
  2. To rearrange the widgets, simply drag a widget and drop it in your preferred place in the dashboard.
  3. Using the Customize dashboard icon in the bottom right corner, you can enable the widgets that you frequently use and disable the rest. You can also rearrange the order of widgets by dragging and dropping them in the desired order. This aids to declutter the dashboard and lets to focus on the applications you use.
  4. In any application widget display, you can choose your preferred folder to be displayed from the title drop-down. You can also create an additional widget for any folder from the application widget by dragging and dropping it in the dashboard.

Quick actions

Hover over any widget to perform actions related to that widget. For example, hover over the Mail widget and click on the + button to compose an email. Similarly you can create a new note in the Notes widget or create a new document with the Writer widget.

Search using Zia

You can search, refine, review and act upon all in one place using Zia search from the top bar. You can search quickly using a keyword and also narrow down your search by application or by contact with the filter option. You can also perform quick actions like replying to a mail, starting a conversation, editing a record and much more using Zia Search.

Smart Assistance Features

  1. In the top-right corner, you can find Notifications from Zoho Mail and Zoho Workdrive available in separate tabs under the Notification icon.
  2. Using the Cliq chat bar available in the bottom left corner, you can send and receive instant messages to anyone in your family. Also you can access your contacts, channels and open your recent chats easily using the Smart chat option available next to it.
  3. Using the Quick Access button next to the Smart Chat bar, perform quick actions like composing an email, enable/disable a widget, changing display theme, and much more.
Zillum mobile application is also available in Android and iOS.

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